Whiteboard Erasable


We have developed a range of erasable wall coatings also known as white wall or white board paints. These are available in gloss clear coats and white semi gloss and can be produced with the added benefit of anti-bacterial properties.

They are suitable for a range of substrates including, painted plasterboard, glass, ceramics and metals and will transform these in to a writing surface in one easy application to produce a whiteboard that can be constantly reused.

Our products provide a high quality coating suitable for interior and exterior surfaces, providing excellent light stability.

Key benefits

  • An ultra-low VOC coating and conforms to CEPE Guidelines for declaration of solvent free coatings
  • VOC of 25g/L
  • Low odour formulation and suitable for confined areas
  • High resistance to Chemicals and cleaning solutions
  • High stability to low and high storage conditions, -20 to 40 oC
  • Surface dry in approximately 5 to 6 hours
  • Constantly re-usable