Cosmetics and Beverage Containers

Our extensive range of water based products for glass and ceramics meet the requirements of various application methods.

These include:

  • Conventional spraying
  • Electrostatic disc
  • Ice bell and HVLP
  • Curing methods including U.V. and I.R.
  • High velocity air and fan assisted convection heating can be utilised

We specialise in applications such as container coatings for the cosmetics and beverage industry, providing a high resistance to cosmetics and perfumes, high scuff resistance for glass to glass transportation, abrasion resistance, wet adhesion, resistance to cold storage and dishwasher cycling.


We can deliver a wide range of finishes – from acid etch effects, transparent shades, opaque colours to textures, soft touch, UV fluorescent, UV blocking, crackle effects, sublimation coatings which allow photographic and 3D effects.


Colours can be supplied ready mixed to meet customer requirements or base products and pigment dispersions can be supplied to be hand mixed at your factory.


Our cosmetic and beverage products meet many demanding specifications such as TSCA, EN71, CONEG, REACH regulations.