We provide a comprehensive range of products for plastic closures including PS, PA. ABS and ABS/PC blends, PETE and PP.

Our low VOC water based acrylic and PUD polymers provide excellent adhesion to difficult substrates and high resistance to abrasion and scuffing from packaging materials, allowing bulk packaging of finished closures.

Products have been formulated with a good balance of cure speed, VOC and alcohol resistance. They are compatible with high line speeds to produce outstanding application and wetting properties on difficult substrates combined with bright metallic lustre.

Closures – Vacuum metallized

Water-based base and top coats provide excellent adhesion and very high alcohol resistance for aluminium metallised parts.

High solids UV base and top coats originally formulated for automatic PST lines, provide compliance to VOC regulations and fast curing for high output and high performance. Suitable for conventional, high pressure or HVLP application equipment.


A variety of transparent colours and gloss levels are available.

Key benefits:

  • Water based
  • U.V. curing
  • Low VOC
  • Excellent application at high solids
  • High alcohol resistance
  • High gloss